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Ada Bible Men | WE BELIEVE | WINTER 2021

Discover and discuss nine Christian core beliefs.


We all believe something about God and the Bible—and those beliefs impact who we are and the choices we make. But often our beliefs are caught and taught from friends, family and culture. 


How can we know what to believe about God, the Bible, Jesus, eternity and other important elements of the Christian faith? 


Christians from all of history considered it essential to think, know and discuss with others what they believe. The idea of studying beliefs (or theology) may seem daunting or academic to some but it doesn’t have to be. The word “theology” literally means words (logos) about God (theos), so thinking about and discussing theology means thinking about and discussing God. It doesn’t have to be intimidating—and it’s foundational for how we build our lives.  


Gain confidence in some of the main elements of Christian faith. Join a men’s group today to journey with other men through the study, We Believe.


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