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Short-term Small Groups are a great place to meet new people and grow in your faith at Ada Bible. Groups meet Thursday nights from 7-9 pm starting April 15. Choose either an in-person small group at one of our campuses or a online small group. 


It's okay to feel a little lost when it comes to prayer. We get nervous or worry we won’t say the right things in the right order to matter. But Jesus knew how to talk to God and gave his disciples an example of how to pray in what we call The Lord’s Prayer. 


Get the most from this series by discussing the weekly sermon in a short-term small group. Groups meet in-person or online for six weeks every Thursday at 7 pm starting April 15. 


Sermon Discussion Small Group



Controlling our finances isn’t just about paying off debt and saving money. Jesus’ biggest teachings were on contentment and generosity. Whether you are floundering with your finances or feeling pretty stable—join us for a nine-week small group study called Financial Peace University. 


Financial Peace University


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